Why Branding Matters?

Stand Out in the Crowd!

Everyone knows what a logo is. It’s that shape companies use to represent their company; like Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches (M) or Starbucks green mermaid. But what’s branding exactly? Branding is a more holistic perspective of how your customers experience your company. While a logo is only a small simple mark, a brand includes every single touch-point your customers have with your company.

  • ­Modern and evergreen logo for your business.
  • ­Branding that stands out in the crowd.
  • ­Strategic approach towards redesigning brand.

Let’s use Nike as an example and consider the differences between a logo and a brand.

    Our Logo Design Process

    Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.


    Naturally, if this is how business owners think branding works, then they would expect to have a strong positive emotional reaction when seeing a new logo concept for their company. But they don’t. Almost all business owners upon seeing a new logo design for their company do NOT have a strong emotional reaction. And since they don’t, they assume the logo design is bad. After all, they have a strong positive emotional reaction to the Nike logo! That’s what makes it a good logo. Right?


    As you can see, the logo is only a visual queue to the brain to recall their experiences interacting with the company (also known as the ‘brand’!) The memory of the brand experience is what triggers the emotional reaction! So, back to the business owner and the new logo.  This is how their experience looks when looking at their new logo.


    Now, let me just clarify something. I don’t want to suggest that all business owners instantly hate their logo design and fire their designers. But this is certainly a challenge that designers face when working with business owners – particularly those who have well established brands. Companies with well established brands have many years of experiences with their logo – creating strong emotional attachments. Hopefully this knowledge will help you understand why you’re still clinging to your old logo and not upgrading to a new, better one


    These are all the foundational elements you need for your brand. But during the process, you will find that our team also considers other aspects of your brand. This is unique to each project but might include things like: hang tags, signage, website, apparel, paper type, and finishes, uniforms, billboards, product packaging, etc.

    Final Logo

    This design process is different than most other firms take and can even be confusing at first to our own clients. In the first couple of rounds, they might ask: “Hey! Where’s the logo?” Invariably, they come to understand what we’re doing and by the end, they have a much more well-thought-out solution for their company. They have more than a logo, they have a brand!